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Deep Fried Chicken Nuggets & Onion Rings


Here’s the conundrum: Is deep fried, “real” food any better for you than baked, processed food? Or does the deep frying negate the benefits of the real ingredients?

Hmmm…well, clearly, baked real food would be better than either option; but sometimes you’ve just got to go with what feels right and throw caution to the wind…

In our house, we use our deep fryer about once every month or two. When we do, it’s always for a special meal…typically fresh walleye in the summer months or pheasant nuggets in the fall. Recently, on a warm October afternoon, while our boys played their version of one-on-one flag football in the backyard, Matt and I relaxed on the deck, popped open a few cold Spotted Cows, and fried up some “real” chicken nuggets and onion rings. Continue reading