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Bunnies, Butterflies, Ducks, and Bears…oh my

It’s almost Easter Sunday, and since I’m the only one that will eat hard boiled eggs in our house, we decided to make Easter cookies rather than Easter eggs this year.
I used my sure-thing sugar cookie recipe…the same one I use for Christmas cut-out cookies. The recipe is from my well-worn Betty Crocker Bridal Edition Cookbook, one of my cherished wedding gifts that I’ve made good use out of over the past decade.

Although the recipe is named No-Roll Sugar Cookies, I do in fact roll out the dough and use cookie cutters, rather than the “roll balls of dough and flatten” method suggested in the recipe. I cut out the extra 1/4 cup of granulated sugar, and instead, I top the cookies with a batch of my mom’s special sugar cookie frosting tinted with a bit of yellow food coloring to enhance the spring theme.

Dorothy’s Sugar Cookie Frosting
2 Tablespoons butter – softened
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups powdered sugar
2 – 4 Tablespoons milk

Mix butter and vanilla until smoothly combined. Slowly add powdered sugar. Then, add milk until the frosting is easily spreadable, yet not too thin. Frost cookies and let sit until frosting firms up before stacking and packaging away.

Happy Easter everyone, and thanks for joining me on my cooking adventure so far this year!