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Juicy Lucy – The Ultimate Minnesota Cheeseburger

Molten hot, oozing cheese encased in seasoned, sizzling ground beef. This is how we do “cheeseburger” in Minnesota.

The Juicy Lucy, or Jucy Luicy…as some spell it, was born in Minnesota. While the rest of the world tops their burger with cheese and calls it a cheeseburger, we prefer to stuff our burger with cheese. The result: an ooey, gooey, cheesy masterpiece.

To make homemade juicys, all you need is a shallow, round container. I use a plastic Tupperware container. Anything round without tapered sides will work. After the beef is seasoned, I press 1/6th of a pound into the container with a fork. Then, I add my cheese. Top with another 1/6th of a pound of beef, and press down again. This will make a perfectly formed 1/3rd pound juicy.

Minnesota’s Own Juicy Lucy

Makes 3 burgers. Double or triple recipe, as needed.

1 lb ground beef
1 Tbsp Heinz 57 sauce
3 slices American cheese
garlic powder

Mix Heinz 57 and a few dashes of garlic powder with ground beef. Select a round container to use for forming the patties and spray with cooking spray. Add 1/6th of beef. Press down. Unwrap cheese slice. Fold cheese in half once, then fold in half again to form a square stack of cheese. Lightly press cheese into the center of the beef in the container. Top with another 1/6th of beef and press down with fork. To release the patty, flip over and give it a good smack or two onto a parchment paper lined cookie sheet. This will pop it out cleanly without losing the shape. Sprinkle both sides with a bit of salt and pepper. If you have the time, toss the cookie sheet in the freezer for 15 minutes or so to help firm up the patties further.

To grill, transfer the patties to a sheet of aluminum foil and place on the grill. The foil helps catch any extra cheese that might ooze out while cooking. Grill over medium, high heat until cheese just starts to ooze out a bit, then immediately transfer to a plate and cover with more tin foil to finish the cooking and allow the juices and cheese to settle. When serving, BE CAREFUL…the first bite will release a river of HOT, melted cheese. That’s the best part!

One final note on the cheese: use plain old American slices. Other cheeses will work and will taste just fine; however, American melts the best.

Give it a try, and leave me a comment on how yours turned out!