Pesto with Mustard Greens and Cashews


We joined a CSA this summer, and we picked up our first weekly box a few days ago. It’s been a lot of fun so far trying to figure out what everything is and what to do with it.  The tricky part is trying to figure out how to use it all up before the next weekly box arrives. 

The first week was all greens, except for popcorn. Needless to say, salad has been on our menu every night. 

We got a huge bag full of mustard greens in our box, something new to us.  I found this recipe, which was a nice shift from eating them in salad. Even better, pesto can be frozen. 

I made a slight modification by substituting cashews in place of walnuts. 

I washed the greens well and discarded the thick stems. 

Then, I pulsed the garlic in my food processor, added the greens, cashews, olive oil, and salt, and then pulsed again adding a bit more olive oil until the mixture was a good consistency – not too thick. 

 You can store the pesto in the fridge or pour in an ice cube tray and freeze for later.

Serve on pasta or slather on crackers or crusty bread. A few scoops is all you need, as it packs a punch of garlicky-mustard flavor. It was delicious on cheese tortellini topped with fresh grated Parmesan.