Veggie Love


I was chopping up some produce from my recent shopping trip, when it struck me – vegetables are so beautiful. Just look at the vibrant colors of these carrots and celery. Check out this cabbage…the deep purple hue…the ribbons and patterns of each layer.

My goal this year is to delve deeper into “eating the rainbow” as some nutrition articles call it. I’m hoping to spread the veggie love throughout our household. To accomplish this, I’m branching out by seeking colorful fruits and vegetables that we haven’t purchased in the past.

This cabbage is an example. My 10 year old and I were watching Pioneer Woman recently, and we saw how she added red cabbage to a smoothie and then froze the mixture into smoothie pops. She’s so darn clever. While the 10 year old loves veggies….the 8 year old does not. Well, other than corn and potatoes…which don’t count.

Enter, the cabbage-sicle. Wish me luck.

And no, I firmly believe that blended trickery is not the answer, but it’s a start. Baby steps.


We’ve also joined a CSA, which will provide an ample source of locally grown veggies each week as well as allow us to support a local farm. This will be our first CSA endeavor, and I’m totally psyched for it. My biggest fear is that we won’t be able to eat all the fresh produce we receive each week before it goes bad. Fortunately, with my foray into canning last summer, I hope to can and freeze any excess to preserve as much as possible. I’ll still have my garden, so I’m already anticipating that there will be some weeks when we just can’t eat any more veggies.

So, back to the cabbage. Aside from the cabbage-sicles, I’ve found a great carrot and red cabbage slaw recipe that I’m going to try. And, I haven’t even started in on exploring the endless recipes on Pinterest for “new to us” veggies.

Bring on the veggie love! (Lord knows we need eat after all these monthly cake club creations we’ve been baking and eating!!!)