Banana Ice Cream for Breakfast

Confession: I serve my kids ice cream for breakfast. Don’t tell them it’s healthy. That’ll be our little secret.

You may have already heard of this recipe, but in case you haven’t, stop reading and go put some ripe bananas in the freezer right now…

This is such a simple idea but the result is nothing short of heavenly. All you need is a few frozen ripe bananas and a couple tablespoons of milk. Got it? Simple, right?


Toss the frozen bananas in the blender and pulse. Add small amounts of milk one tablespoon at a time as you mix the bananas. The key is to just add barely enough milk to get the bananas to blend into a creamy, thick mixture without turning them into a milkshake.

When blended, serve immediately as this starts to melt fast, so there’s no time to waste!


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