Tropical Rainforest Fruit Smoothies

We weren’t sure what to call this one. Like most smoothie creations in our house, we just use what’s on hand, and see if it works out. This one was a winner.

With banana, pineapple, and orange juice as the base elements of this smoothie, the name “tropical rainforest” just seemed right.

As you can see, the Youngest loved it…sipped it right down through his favorite Rainforest Cafe twisty straw. What a little monkey.

The funniest part: our last smoothie creation was the Big Green Monster concoction, and when I presented the boys with the tropical fruit smoothie, they actually were sad that it wasn’t green.

Hmmm….maybe I’ll try this one with spinach or kale in it next time!

Tropical Rainforest Fruit Smoothie
2 cups orange juice
1 container of peach-flavored Greek yogurt
2 cups of ice
1 banana
1 cup of pineapple

Blend all ingredients and enjoy!

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One thought on “Tropical Rainforest Fruit Smoothies

  1. beccysfoodies October 17, 2012 at 6:42 am

    yum! sounds good! always love a good smoothie – and love the presentation in the jar! 🙂

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