The Last Lunchbox of the School Year

I just finished packing the Oldest’s last lunchbox of first grade. Woohoo!!!

While he’s looking forward to three months of carefree, homework-free summer fun, I’m secretly looking forward to a three month break from packing lunches. You see, the Oldest will take hot lunch any day…as long as it’s cheese pizza day…which actually only happens once a week. The rest of the days, he typically prefers – or should I say demands – packed lunches. Since he doesn’t like the texture of meat and is allergic to peanuts, sandwiches can be a bit of a challenge. You can only send so many cheese or jelly sandwiches, right? Fortunately, he’s never met a fruit that he doesn’t like, and he loves most veggies, too.

All this has challenged me to become more creative in what I pack for him each day. Greek yogurt, veggies rolled up in a tortilla, or fruit and veggie salad are all great alternatives to the typical sandwich. Here’s what he’ll be eating tomorrow:

Add a carton of milk, and he’s good to go.

Ok, I confess, I also snuck a Starburst in there for him, too…since it’s the last lunch of the year.

Oh yeah…and a “have a great day…love, mom” note…because before long it won’t be cool for mom to do that anymore…especially once you’re in second grade.

One thought on “The Last Lunchbox of the School Year

  1. Mel B June 6, 2012 at 7:09 am

    That’s all he eats for lunch? OMG, that’s a SNACK for my kids! Looks yummy though! 🙂

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