A Simple Sunday Breakfast

On a cold, snowy morning in Minnesota, there’s nothing like a simple, hearty breakfast.

A little bacon…a fresh batch of homemade pancakes…and some banana slices. That’s it.

No exact recipe for the pancakes…they are basically a little of this and a little of that. Start with some eggs, a few cups of flour, add a bit of sugar, oil, and milk…then go from there.

I like to add some applesauce, to cut down on oil, and a hint of vanilla and cinnamon, to punch up the flavor a tad.

We buy our bacon at Costco in the multipacks. Then, I’ll use a chef’s knife to cut the packages in half width-wise, and freeze in meal-sized portions in sandwich bags. When I need some for a meal, I take one out of the freezer, remove the bacon from the bag, and defrost in the microwave for a few seconds until I can peel the slices apart. The best part is that there’s no rush to use up an open package of bacon before it goes bad, and with it in the freezer, we always have it on hand for a quick meal.


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